Los 14 animales más bellos del mundo

Si amas los animales de seguro te encantará esta lista, y es que hoy traemos para ti a los mejores animales, los mas tiernos y único que de seguro no has visto aún.


1- Un hermoso gato.

When you're ready to go out, but it's noon.

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2- Un caballo de raza Akhal-Teke, simplemente hermoso.



3- La chinchilla más nalgona de todas.


4- ¿Quién no quisiera el cabello así?



5- Conoce a Mister, el perro con las mejores piernas del mundo.



6- Se ganó el premio a la mejor sonrisa.


7- El canguro más guapo y musculoso de todos.



8- Esta hermosa gata es única por su belleza.

Aurora is a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll cat. What's your favourite cat breed? 😻

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9- Cuando eres hermoso y lo sabes.



10- Una araña pachanguera.



11- Parece que este gallo fue pintado por la noche <3



12- Este avestruz es la cara de un comercial de rimel.

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13- ¿Hay algo más tierno que este perezoso?



14- ¿Quíen lo quiere?

Bunnies weren't designed to live on wire floors. The wire is very hard for their feet (bunnies doesn't have footpads like dogs or cats). People who use wire cages also have a resting board for them in the cages. Doesn't that say something? Because they need resting boards must mean that the wire floor isn't good for them. Those who uses the "it's easier to clean" or "at least they don't spend their time sitting in their urine" arguments on why wire is better, well that's because you have to clean the cage daily. If you can't clean up after a bunny – don't get one. Also, wire cages are often very small, often too small. Bunnies are designed to run, chew and dig, not to sit on wire all day long. I admit I have a cage, but it's open 24/7 and is only for hay, water and toilet. If you have to have a cage for your bunnies, never use wire cages. I'll never support that, no matter what. Buy, or build, a big cage and let the bunnies out to run around and dig. Every single day. #ExempelSays

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